Monarch In Bloom – 2022

Over summer we held the annual Monarch In Bloom garden competition. This competition is held every year and all our homes give it their all into making their gardens look as beautiful as possible. It was a hard decision, but we have decided that this year we need to have two winners: –

Woodlands and Poplars!

The pictures below show the high standard of design from all our homes despite the extreme weather the country had endured which makes it all the more impressive considering the obstacles that have been faced. Designing the gardens and caring for the plants is not just for our competition, it is to encourage our staff and residents to be able to go somewhere beautiful and calming and be able to enjoy the outside space that our homes have, no matter what size the area is.

We cannot wait for next year and hope you can’t either, whether it is beautiful flowers being planted or maybe a pot filled with wildflowers for the bees (and maybe even a Monarch butterfly!).

Our thanks go out to everybody for all their hard work and commitment to making Monarch In Bloom the fantastic display that it has become.