During the Coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic we continue to review our procedures regularly, in line with national and local guidance.  Currently our home is closed to routine visitors during the national lockdown. However, we appreciate you may miss seeing your relative and have concerns about their welfare and how they are coping with being isolated from the outside world. 


We also recognise that in specific situations visits may be considered essential and the Registered Manager, in conjunction with Senior Management will assess all requests individually and where a visit is considered necessary will make every attempt to facilitate it, following the guidance below. 


Please note, all visits will need to be arranged in advance, by telephone and will be allocated on the basis of a single visitor, for a specified time, on a first come basis.  All visitors will also be required to follow the track and trace arrangements in place.


Monarch Healthcare has introduced strict infection control measures for all visitors accessing the building.  We ask people to be patient with staff and to adhere to the following conditions:


  • Window visits are the preferred option, with social distancing rules applied between family members from different households.
  • Window visits are only available for residents, where a family member can easily access the window from the ground, without requiring any equipment to overcome height or distance differences. Visitors must be able to stand safely on firm ground. 
  • Window visits may take place to a communal area on the ground floor, if the resident is able to leave their bedroom. Residents residing on upper floors who are bed-bound or who are isolating, will not be able to have window visits.
  • The window must remain closed throughout the visit. Visitors may not be required to wear a mask, as long as social distancing is followed and depending on national guidance at the time.
  • No physical contact can take place at any point during the visit.

Please note, window visits are undertaken at the visitor’s own risk and although Monarch Healthcare will endeavour to ensure the area is safely accessible and advise on the suitability of a visit, the company accepts no liability should a fall or injury occur.


For a resident assessed at imminent end of life, ie within the last few hours of expected death, or for exceptional well-being cases, visits to inside the care home may be permissible, under strict guidelines.  Please note, visits will not be permitted if the care home has reported cases of Covid-19:


  • A maximum of 1 visitor will be allowed into the building at any one time. The visit will be by prior appointment with the Home Manager, for a period of 15 minutes, in the resident’s bedroom, or a designated meeting area.
  • You will need to wait for the door to be answered, as key-pad entry numbers are changed daily and will not be given out. Please do not embarrass our staff by requesting the number.
  • On entry you will be asked to sign in the fire register, requested to confirm a series of statements and have your temperature recorded. If you present with a raised temperature, you will not be permitted entry to the home and may be advised to isolate for 14 days.


  • You may be asked to scan a track and trace code or leave your mobile phone number with the administrator to ensure we can contact you under the requirements of Test and Trace.
  • You will be issued with a mask, which should be put on straight away and worn throughout the duration of your visit. All PPE must meet the required standard for hospitals and care homes.  Use of your own mask will not be permitted.
  • Please wash your hands, as directed by the handwashing poster located in the cloakroom and use hand sanitiser throughout the duration of your visit.
  • You will be accompanied to the designated room to meet with your relative and should remain in this area, avoiding contact with other residents and staff and maintaining social distancing with your relative. No physical contact of any kind can take place during the visit.
  • Please do not walk about the home or go into any offices/rooms unaccompanied.
  • Please ensure your visit is for no longer than the 15 minutes allocated, notifying a member of staff when you are ready to leave.
  • Please wash your hands after leaving your relative and make your way to the exit, signing out of the visitors’ fire register.

Please note, Monarch Healthcare reserves the right to ask you to leave at any time should we believe the safety of residents or staff might be compromised.  Thank you for your co-operation and we look forward to the time when these restrictions will no longer be necessary.


                                                                                         M M Reeves                 


Jacki Perry                                                                     Mandy Reeves

Operations Manager                                                    Operations Manager

Monarch Healthcare                                                     Monarch Healthcare


Dear Families

I am writing as you will no doubt have heard that the Government is rolling out kits for testing people wishing to visit their relatives in care homes.

Some Local Authorities are currently issuing these test kits, called Lateral Flow Devices (LFD).  However, as a company we have taken the decision not to implement them at this time, for the following reasons:

  • The people we care for are considered exceptionally vulnerable should they contract the virus. We have a duty of care to protect people as best we can and we are aware how devastating it has been in care homes where the virus has unfortunately taken hold.
  • The geographical locations of our homes places them in tier 3, which makes people living in the area a greater risk to residents. Tier 3 stipulates no social groups to meet indoors.
  • The LFD tests are reported to have lower reliability, which would potentially place our home and all residents at increased risk, with additional people coming in.
  • Participating homes are required to provide separate testing and waiting areas, which for many of our homes would greatly impact on residents being able to walk about and access all areas freely, as they can now.
  • The testing process is time consuming, taking staff away from residents’ care for up to an hour each time, which is not manageable for most care homes.
  • The number of people able to visit would be very limited for this reason and would therefore mean the service having to make decisions on who is considered more deserving, which would be unfair.
  • The process stipulates that for all inconclusive or positive results the care home is responsible for following up and registering individuals for a second, routine test, which when added to our current responsibility for testing staff and residents each week, is again not practical for us to manage.

We realise some of you will be disappointed to read this and we will continue to monitor the situation and analyse any data available to review our decision going forward.  We remain hopeful that the vaccine will be rolled out for residents and staff over the next few weeks and although this may not be in time for you to visit over the festive period, we will ensure we make up for it as soon as we can guarantee residents’ safety.  We are hopeful of celebrating in style by Spring, giving us all something good to look forward to in the new year.

Please be assured our visiting policy for residents assessed at imminent end of life or people with enhanced well-being needs remains unchanged.  In these circumstances we will contact you and arrange a safe approach for you to visit.  We are also continuing with window and social media contacts, which although isn’t ideal, hopefully provides you with reassurance that your relative is being cared for.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support at this difficult time.  May I take this opportunity to wish you a merry Christmas and trust you remain healthy.  We look forward to happier times in 2021, for everyone.

With our very best wishes

                                                                               M M Reeves

Jacki Perry                                                           Mandy Reeves

Operational Managers

On behalf Monarch Healthcare Group