Therapies and Well-being

Activities programmes are well thought out to include a range of therapeutic activities to stimulate the mind, body and well being. Keeping active is the key to a happier, healthier and fulfilled life.

Monarch Healthcare homes offer specialist care and nursing to meet the complex needs of older age; people with physical frailties, varying stages of dementia, or nearing the end of life.  Each of our residents is unique and a special person in their own right and for this they require individual support in planning and delivering their care.

We provide a range of therapies, enlisting support from health and social care services from local communities to expertise within our own teams.

We are lucky in most cases to receive services at the homes.  We retain visiting GPs, dentists, opticians, chiropodists and physiotherapists; access specialist psychiatric professionals and offer holistic therapies, such as reflexology.

Just having your hair and nails attended to by a professional may be all it takes to help someone feel good about themselves and we can all benefit from the odd pampering.