Enjoying the days

Fruit tasting & sensory fruit soup activity Our butterfly moment of the week Baking cornflake buns Bird feeder making the weather was so lovely as we hung them out

Busy hands at Pinxton Manor

Residents have enjoyed Cheese tasting the Wensleydale cranberry cheese was a favorite by most! Lots of different flavors to try out! We also prepared for Valentines by creating our own heart themed place mats. We tried our hand at basket weaving and baked chocolate mug cakes! Yum Yum! Celebrations! Congratulations to our lovely Catherine Sankeч […]

Celebrations at Pinxton Manor!

Pinxton Manor have really enjoyed the festive period and made this year special for their residents, staff have utilised their fantastic talents and provided a live performance for us all to enjoy!   We’ve enjoyed a Christmas Eve buffet and lots of festive crafts and our presents from the big guy on Christmas day!     A […]

Pinxton switch on the lights!

A special visit from the big man himself! There’s no better way to start the countdown to Christmas with a good old fashioned lights switch on! Many thanks to Joliet Jake Blues for helping us kickstart the festive season!

Enrichment at Pinxton Manor

We had fun celebrating international beer day with a men’s day! We’ve enjoyed a shandy (or 2) & a lovely steak pie and chips, we’ve played cards, dominoes & been singing together! What a fantastic day 🍻 🥧 Flower pot painting & flower arranging at our coffee & crafts morning! How beautiful are our arrangements […]