In the garden

Here at Rutland Manor we believe that gardening or being in the garden enables our residents to get some air and sunshine while still staying in a place that is comfortable and familiar to them. This is especially useful for older people who experience problems with their memory, as gardening can help your mind stay positive which can counteract the stresses caused through memory loss.

Sunflower planting

The residents have all enjoyed taking part in planting sunflower seeds in colourful plant pots, these are first going to be nurtured in our greenhouse then transferred to our resident’s garden to be enjoyed by all.

Fresh fruit sundaes

Residents were offered a selection of fresh fruits to add to their ice cream sundae, these were then enjoyed in the garden.

Bird food making

The residents took part in making some bird food from scratch to hang in the garden, these were made primarily from lard and bird seed. The residents all enjoyed utilising recyclable materials to make some functional birdhouses to hang in the garden.

In the home

At Rutland Manor we believe that activities and 1-1 interactions can have a positive impact on people’s lives. We follow the David sheard approach to dementia Dementia can cause people to withdraw from activities and enjoyable interaction with family and friends so it’s important to try and maintain those relationships and interests to help people living with dementia lead a better and more enjoyable quality of life.

There are so many benefits to keeping active and maintaining everyday skills, meaningful activities should be linked to hobbies or interest that the person enjoyed before the diagnosis of dementia.

D day and VE day

We all enjoyed a sing a long to some war songs, we reminisced about things that happened on D day by looking through many books. due to the current situation with COVID-19 the residents enjoyed their own bunting and balloons in their bedrooms.

Jam and cream scones

The residents have enjoyed making their own scones, the had the choice of what scones they would like to make, some made some fruit scones and some savoury. Once cooked they added some jam and cream to them for a tasty afternoon snack.  

Flower collages

The residents all enjoyed making their own bouquet of flowers by sticking cut outs of their favourite flowers onto some drawn stems.

Dot by dot drawings

The residents all took part in creating a picture out of many dots on their piece of paper, this encourages their imagination and their motor skills.


The residents enjoy a fun filled game of bingo with a selection of prizes up for grabs, the residents take part by dobbing the numbers as they are called and filling all their squares on their bingo card, the person who completes their card first gets to pick their prize.