Our Company

“We work to improve the quality of life for all service users by providing exceptional standards of care and treatment; to promote health and well being using personalised plans of care and support.

We provide services of the highest quality, offering value for money and working with key professionals to promote transparency and fair access.

We create opportunities for people to express their individuality and acknowledge their views and wishes through direct contact or advocacy.We develop and empower our staff to achieve excellence in everything they do and to be proud of their contributions to the success of the organisation.

We facilitate independence by encouraging inclusion and offering choice in all aspects of a person’s life; to enable each individual to maximise their potential and live life as the person they have always been.”

Our Philosophy | Philosophy of Care

At Monarch Healthcare everything we do is driven by the abilities, needs and aspirations of the people we care about and for.

5 Star Principles

               . . . . . Enabling each individual to exercise control and live life as the person they have always been. Above all what makes our residents feel more alive and better about themselves is being valued, being respected, being spoken to, being given understanding during difficult times, being shown kindness and interest, being given a little ‘fuss’ and attention.

Dementia Strategy

There are currently 750,000 people living with dementia in the UK and by 2025 this is expected to rise to over one million. A third of all dementia sufferers live in care homes and it is reported that 1 in 3 people who live in non-specialist homes have dementia or undiagnosed symptoms.

Dementia is an incurable condition caused by disease of the brain which over time seriously impairs a person’s ability to live independently. Symptoms include severe memory loss, mood fluctuations and personality changes; which can present with serious confusion, agitation or aggression and physical changes including poor mobility, weight loss and sleep deprivation.

In 2009 the government set out a five year strategy “Living Well with Dementia” to improve awareness and provide better access to specialist services, for sufferers and their carers.

Our Butterfly Worker at our homes flitter between our residents creating some one’s wellbeing. Creating opportunities that reflect daily living and occupation. The Butterfly moves freely from one resident to another encouraging short meaningful, person centred activities that stimulate the mind and promote resident’s living with dementia’s wellbeing. Rummage boxes full of interesting items such as hats, shoes, scarves etc, trays of jewellery, dusters and household equipment and comfort items are all part of our approach. A selection of “short interventions,” for example catching the suns reflection on a window or finding the crossword in the morning’s paper.    

At Monarch Healthcare we never discriminate against people with dementia, but we do recognise the unique care needs and offer specialist support for the person and their family at our dedicated communities.

Our Commitment

As part of Monarch Healthcare’s commitment to quality services we have created our own dementia strategy to deliver the national plan in the following key areas: