Our Staff

All staff receive regular ‘supervision,’ providing them with an opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have and to offload any anxieties about their work.

Staff undergo a high level of training and are encouraged to achieve recognised qualifications in many subject areas. To support continuous learning we provide both mandatory and developmental training, plus competency assessments for all personnel employed.


Specialist training ensures teams are:

Examples of training courses available:

Training & Qualifications

Training and development is a continuous process – not only to keep people updated in new thinking and to improve their skills, but also to give people goals and challenges to take them through their career in social care.

All staff working at a Monarch Healthcare home are encouraged to study for nationally recognised qualifications in health, social care and dementia.

We employ teams of qualified nurses, both Registered Mental Health and General Nurses to support the client’s needs we look after.

Care and ancillary staff are able to train for a qualification under the new Quality Credit Framework (QCF), from which they can go on to build additional credits up to degree and masters levels.

“We view training our staff as the future to sustaining our business”