Our vision for Monarch Healthcare’s Butterfly care is to be recognised as a centre for excellence; enabling people and providing dignified and compassionate palliative care. The Butterfly Wing offers excellent round the clock nursing and personal care, from our dedicated, highly skilled clinicians, in a calm, tranquil and homely environment.

The Butterfly Wing offers services for up to 6 people, with individually decorated rooms, providing a peaceful environment for the individual and their families. The Butterfly Wing has a family room fully equipped with kitchenette, washing and changing facilities and a sitting/sleeping area The aim is to facilitate a home from home sanctuary where people can come and go as they wish and do not have to concern themselves with the stresses of everyday life.

The Butterfly Wing’s vision of care is to work in partnership with individuals and their families; working together to improve quality of life with the emphasis on ‘living’ not dying; freeing up some of the everyday worries from the person and their loved ones.

Access to all health professionals and local liaison services with their expert knowledge and experience in palliative care will enhance our provision and ensure dedicated professionals are available with the right support and advice at all times.

Providing palliative care requires a compassionate approach that treats, comforts and supports individuals and their families who have life limiting conditions. Providing palliative care involves support for peoples physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs, as well as ensuring families are looked after throughout the grieving process; during and after the individual’s palliative care journey.