We had fun celebrating international beer day with a men’s day! We’ve enjoyed a shandy (or 2) & a lovely steak pie and chips, we’ve played cards, dominoes & been singing together! What a fantastic day 🍻 🥧

Flower pot painting & flower arranging at our coffee & crafts morning! How beautiful are our arrangements 💐

We tried out our portable CD players and headphones today! They were a hit, we could listen the the music that we wanted to 🎧

 Ladies day! We had fun dressing up and feeling good with a lovely afternoon tea and Lollies 💕

For friendship day, we wrote letters to our pen pals, and spent lots of quality time in the garden with our friends within Pinxton manor; painting, eating & feeding/stroking the rabbits 😊 we had a lovely, fun filled day!

More yarn bombing, ready to add to the railings 🌸 🧶 Diane and Amelia have been sorting and adding more to the yarn bombing today! How amazing is it looking 🌸

School days! We reminisced about our school days, we also played games, ate sausages and mash with cornflake tart for desert, did a science experiment (lava lamps) and had milk and biscuits for snack ❤️

In our coffee & crafts session we did some art based cognitive therapy! And it was fantastic 🖐