Doncaster St Leger Ladies’ Day

Doncaster St Leger Ladies' Day

Autumn Grange have been back at it again making the most of the events happening around us. Thursday was Doncaster St Leger Ladies’ Day and our residents and staff at the home in Creswell celebrated in absolute style.

Don’t they all look glamorous?

Amazing to see everyone getting involved!

Painting sure is some stylish work.

Even our residents got involved and showed off their gorgeous hats.

Stunning Selfies.

Staff and residents all got stuck in and dressed up in fancy hats and scarves. They also looked at the outfits on from this year, this particularly interested one of our ladies who was previously a dress maker. This year’s best dressed at Doncaster St Leger Ladies’ Day was awarded to an NHS Key Worker, who bagged £1000!

The ladies also enjoyed talking about the hats and hat boxes and the fact that hat boxes are also apparently referred to as a “bandbox”. It was a lovely day for us to look at some pretty dresses and make ourselves feel beautiful!

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