Autumn Grange round the world in 1 day!

Autumn Grange Dignity Day celebrations!

There isn’t much chance of us getting a holiday any time soon, so we have bought the holiday to AG! Around the world in 1 day

Staff and residents had a fantastic day recreating a day in the life of a globe trotter, something we’re all missing in 2021!

With a bit of DIY scenery, holiday clothes and a splash of imagination it truly felt like being on our jolly’s for us all!



Haddon House's Mexican Dignity Day!

Haddon went Mexican an enjoyable day was had by all, with jacky getting the staff to sample chilli sweets, and our residents sampled a Mexican menu.

Theme of the day…. Don’t Siesta…. Let’s FIESTA’


DigniTEA day at Pinxton Manor!


Pinxton Manor Celebrated Dignity Day 2021 with a traditional afternoon tea!

Residents enjoyed a delicious home made afternoon tea spread with gorgeous freshly made cakes, sandwiches and all the trimmings with dignity at the heart of conversation residents were able to tell us what dignity means to them.


Clifton Manor Residential's Dignity Day!


Clifton Manor Residential celebrated with a Karaoke themed tea party, with candle making crafts and home made cakes (which went so fast we couldn’t get a photo quick enough!)