Over the past 6 weeks Pinxton manor have been preparing to celebrate 3 big milestone birthdays; and they’ve worked hard to get everyone in the local community involved to make these lockdown birthdays extra special!

Pinxton Manors dedicated activities team appealed to local groups, businesses, relatives and friends of the home on social media to send cards and well wishes to our residents to help fulfil the goal of getting as many cards as our residents age. 

The success of the appeal has been amazing, everyone has got involved to contribute; even the local children helped make cards to get our residents to their magic number. A member off staff from the local nursey commented “A small group of children at nursery really enjoyed making Lesleys card. They’re making Terry’s next week and Nans week after. Hope they get the amount you requested xxx”

Lesley celebrated turning 70 and fabulous on the 15th of June, with the help of everyone in the local community she received a whopping 83 cards and numerous gifts, a big thank you to our local Sainsburys who generously send flowers and gifts for all our big birthdays! Sing Along with Ellie came to give Lesley a special birthday performance.

Lesley asked for a message to be sent to everyone on her birthday:

“A massive thank you for all the wonderful cards, I never thought I would get so many and they look wonderful! Wow, look at all them cards ♥️”

Nan, Pinxton eldest resident turned 106 on the 1st of July and smashed her card target, receiving an incredible 142 cards; including one very special card from Her Royal Highness! Nan had an absolutely fabulous day and was totally overwhelmed by her many, many cards and presents.

That wasn’t all though, Nan and all the other residents got to enjoy not 1, not 2 but 3 live social distancing performances; a wonderful performance by Ellie, from Sing Along with Ellie, a happy Birthday song from Bill and Nan’s friends from the Amber Valley Choir also came and delivered a beautiful performance.

And last by certainly not least was Terry’s big birthday! On the 9th of July Terry turned 90 and with the help of our wonderful local community, he reached is target of 90 birthday cards!  It was a drizzly day but this didn’t dampener the celebrations at all! Terry had a wonderful day and also enjoyed live performances from Sing Along with Ellie and happy Birthday song from Bill! Terrys children commented “Thanks so much everyone who helped our dad have such a great birthday. We really appreciate it. Xx”

We asked Dawn Thornley, registered manager of Pinxton Manor just how the success of the campaign had affected the home, she commented “the staff at Pinxton and families of the residents have been overwhelmed by the response from the local community. It has made these days extra special after so long in lockdown. It just makes us realise what a wonderful village we have. Also we are so proud of all our local schoolchildren for taking time to make such personal cards with some touching messages, thank you.”