Hats of to the performers! 👏

Our residents enjoyed a special live performance in July, you can hardly recognise our wonderful carers in their show gear!

This activity was so enjoyed by our residents, lots of smiles, laughter and dancing! Thank you to our staff for keeping spirits high and everyone smiling! 😀

We’ve enjoyed practicing our dexterity and design skills, floral arrangements we’ve made have bought some colour and cheer to our day! 🌺🌸🌼🌹🌷💐

Higher! Lower! ♠️♣️♥️♦️

We had a few games of play your cards right! This activity was really enjoyed by our residents! 😃

One Friday we fancied an authentic chippy lunch, big thank you to The In Plaice for our order! Our residents said it was absolutely beautiful; thoroughly enjoyed by everyone!

Pamper Day!💅💆‍♂️💇‍♀️

We’ve been keeping ourselves tip top with our in house pamper days, our residents really enjoyed sitting back, relaxing and indulging in some self care.

We’ve  been making the most garden and the recent nice weather; our residents have been filling planters with new blooms to make a beautiful floral display for the Monarch Healthcare ‘June in Bloom’ display!